Has your child had a comprehensive eye exam by a pediatric eye doctor? Most pediatricians and schools offer VISION SCREENINGS, not comprehensive eye exams. Wyomissing Optometric Center welcomes new patients of all ages! Optometric Center offers complimentary InfantSee exams to infants age 6-12 months. If there are no concerns, the next eye exam is recommended at age 3 years then annually once starting school. If there are concerns, then exams should occur much sooner or at a more frequent rate. 80% of learning occurs through the visual system and even a child with 20/20 vision (aka “perfect vision”) can still have difficulty with eye teaming, tracking or focusing that interferes with learning. For children who are too young to actively answer questions during the examination, we have techniques to examine the eyes and vision without relying on responses from the child.

“The results of a recent study suggest an untreated vision problem can delay a child’s grade school readiness”, says lead author Marjean Kulp of Ohio State University’s College of Optometry. She goes on to say, “The deficits we found in early literacy have been shown to be related to future ability to read and write.”  Learn more here. 

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