Improved vision for cataract patients.

We all have a natural lens within our eyes, behind the iris (the colored part of your eye).  Over time, as part of the natural aging process, that lens becomes cloudy.  The cloudy lens is what the term cataract describes.  Everyone, as we grow older, will develop a cataract, but not all cataracts will require surgery.

What Are The Symptoms?
Cataracts are characterized by a gradual decrease in vision, often a change in eyeglass prescription and sometimes an increase in glare. Most cataracts progress slowly.
How Can We Help?
With a thorough eye examination, our eye doctors can determine if your symptoms are due to cataracts. If so, we can often improve your vision by updating your eyeglass prescription and consider a lens filter to enhance contrast. If your cataract requires surgical intervention, we will refer you to one of our many local surgical specialists then we will see you back post-op for your ongoing care.