What patients can benefit from vision therapy?

Not all vision challenges are treated with glasses or contact lenses. Vision therapy or visual training is often implemented to improve the coordination and control of eye movements. Vision therapy can help patients with:

  • eye coordination problems
  • post-concussive visual dysfunction
  • poorly sustained near focus
  • inadequate eye-hand coordination
  • immature perceptual development
  • amblyopia (lazy eye)
  • strabismus ( misalignment of eyes, eye turn)
  • visual problems due to stroke, neurological disease or eye disease

What results do Wyomissing Optometric Center patients see from vision therapy?

When vision therapy is needed, our optometrist conducts diagnostic testing and creates a custom vision therapy plan for each patient’s needs.  We have helped many patients improve their vision related challenges with vision therapy.  Here is what some of our patients have said about vision therapy at Wyomissing Optometric Center:

“I highly recommend this center. I was evaluated thoroughly by Dr. Sensenig after a head injury. She and her physical therapy (vision therapy) team worked so hard, listened to my concerns and made a plan for me. The professionals at the desk were equally efficient and kind. (When I started attending eye therapy, there were times-due to my concussion- when I would need help scheduling and remembering appointments.) They were so helpful and patient.. I drove two times per week from Bethlehem for months, but I must say the drive was worth the care! I still go for follow-up visits and hope one day to be 100% cured.”   Mary

“My son has been seeing Dr. Sensenig for a few years now for visual processing disorder. She is friendly, thorough, great with kids, and cares. He improved tremendously in school and sports under Dr. Sensenig’s care and after their hands on vision therapy.”    Kate

vision therapy Reading PA at Wyomissing Optometric Center


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