Dr. Legge’s Riveting Retina Lecture at Penn State Health St. Joseph Medical Center

In the realm of optometry, education plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of eye care. Dr. Amanda S. Legge’s recent lecture on retinal health at Penn State Health St. Joseph Medical Center provided invaluable insights into the complexities of retinal diseases, leaving a lasting impact on attendees.

Dr. Amanda S. Legge Honored with the 2024 Salus University/Pennsylvania College of Optometry Alumni Award

Dr. Legge’s dedication to the field of optometry extends far beyond clinical practice. Her selection for the prestigious 2024 Salus University/Pennsylvania College of Optometry Alumni “Special Recognition” award is a testament to her unwavering commitment to advancing eye care and educating future generations of optometrists.

Excellence in Patient Care: Recognizing Dr. Legge’s Dedication to Enhancing Vision Health

Dr. Legge has a deep-seated commitment to patient care. Her exemplary efforts in enhancing vision health and providing compassionate care have earned her the admiration of colleagues and patients alike, setting a standard for excellence in the field of optometry.

Educator Extraordinaire: Dr. Legge’s Impactful Role in Sharing Knowledge and Fostering Learning

As an educator, Dr. Legge’s impact extends beyond the clinic walls. Her dedication to sharing knowledge and fostering learning among fellow professionals underscores her role as an educator extraordinaire, shaping the future of optometry through her mentorship and guidance.

A Night of Celebration: on June 2, 2024, at PineCrest Country Club Dr. Amanda S. Legge’s Achievements will be further recognized

Dr. Amanda S. Legge’s remarkable contributions to optometry will be celebrated on June 2, 2024, at the PineCrest Country Club in Lansdale, PA. This event will honor her accomplishments and recognize her unwavering dedication to improving the lives of others through vision care.

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