At Wyomissing Optometric Center we are committed to providing comprehensive medical eye care for all of our patients. We educate our patients on the importance of an annual eye exam. Many eye conditions are often silent and show few or no symptoms especially in the early stages. In addition to uncovering silent eye conditions, eye exams can uncover a host of different health issues.

Regular exams are particularly important for contact lens wearers. In a recent article, the Coalition for Patient Vision Care Safety stated,

“In the last decade, consumer access to contact lenses at competitive prices has never been more robust. Today, patients leading busy lives often order lenses online, not feeling obligated to go to their eye care professionals for annual check-ups.

Misleading advertisements from online retailers encourage consumers to reorder large quantities of these FDA-regulated medical devices, often without a prescription – a clear violation of federal law.

These practices discourage patients from seeking regular visits with their eye doctor and exploit convenience for physical health.

We believe that the patient-doctor relationship should be preserved, and that consumers should take steps to protect their vision safety.

Please write to your representative urging them to protect patients and their vision.”

Click here to read the full post and to learn more about the action you can take to encourage vision safety and lens Reading PA

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