Contact Lens Wear Myths

Have you been told you cannot wear contacts? Do you suffer from any of the following contact lens related problems?

  • Dryness, itching, foreign body sensation
  • Poor vision
  • Poor lens tolerance
  • Thought you are too old to wear contacts
  • Previous LASIK surgery and are now unable to wear contacts
  • Post corneal transplant with distorted cornea
  • Need to replace your monthly contacts more frequently due to discomfort and/or poor vision
  • Unable to read with your contacts
  • Told your astigmatism is too strong to correct with contacts

Believe it or not, 90% of these problems can be addressed. Today’s modern lens designs range from multifocal lenses that address both distance and near problems to Orthokeratology, a non-surgical alternative to LASIK.

Are you around 40 or over and have been told that you cannot wear contacts that address both distance and near vision? Multifocal contact lenses may solve your problem. We offer numerous designs as well as customized lenses.

Do you have astigmatism (out of roundness to the shape of the cornea/front of the eye) and have been told that you cannot be fit with contact lenses? Toric/Astigmatic lenses are designed for patients with all levels of astigmatism and may be the answer for you.

Patients with compromised corneas, such as Keratoconus where eyeglasses will not help, could benefit from a scleral lens or other specialty lenses. Many patients with Keratoconus cannot read, write or even drive. Specialty lenses can give you that ability again.

Ocular surface dryness is a common problem compromising all day lens comfort. Dryness can be addressed by identifying the contributing ocular surface condition. Once identified, it can be treated, thereby allowing you to wear your contacts comfortably all day.

Do you have a prescription and wish that you could throw away your glasses or contacts without refractive surgery? Orthokeratology may be your answer. It involves the use of ‘retainer’ molds that you sleep in; remove during the day, thereby giving you clear uncorrected daytime vision.

These and many other options are available at the Wyomissing Optometric Center. Contact us and make an appointment today so that we may address your visual needs regardless of difficulty.

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