Wyomissing Optometric Center is Berks and Lebanon Countys’ leading contact lens specialist. We have decades of experience prescribing and fitting contacts. We use the latest diagnostic equipment, such as the Oculus Keratograph at left, to achieve the proper fit for the type of contact lens most appropriate for your needs.

We prescribe all types of contact lenses including:
• Daily and 30-day extended wear soft contact lenses
• Disposable and frequent replacement contact lenses
• Bifocal, soft and rigid gas permeable contact lenses
• Rigid gas permeable contact lenses
• Colored contact lenses
• Astigmatism contact lenses
• Therapeutic contact lenses for disease or injury
• Hybrid rigid gas permeable/soft contact lenses

We work with all contact lens laboratories.
We inventory many contact lenses for immediate dispensing.
If you have a special need or difficult prescription, we are confident that we can prescribe the proper lenses for you.
We offer reasonably priced contact lenses. Our fees for contact lenses are no more than other suppliers, such as mail order, internet or commercial outlets. Often our cost is less.
When you purchase contact lenses from Wyomissing Optometric Center, you have the peace of mind in knowing that you are receiving only the best quality lens. Call Wyomissing Optometric Center at 610-374-3134 for all you contact lens needs.

Dr. Corbin was featured in this Reading Eagle article.

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