Allergan has been granted marketing authorization by the FDA for TrueTear, the first Intranasal Tear Neurostimulator. TrueTear is a handheld stimulator with daily disposable tips that is inserted into the nasal cavity. It delivers an effective and non-invasive way to temporarily increase tear production without the use of drugs. There have been two clinical studies showing positive safety and effectiveness of the device in the increase of tear production completed with 145 aqueous deficient dry eye adult patients. Read Allergan’s complete press here.

Wyomissing Optometric Center, a leader in the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye, will soon be offering TrueTear to our patients who are candidates. If you suffer from any signs and/or symptoms of dry eye including blurry or fluctuating vision, burning, tearing, dry or scratchy eyes, please call to schedule a dry eye evaluation. We are the region’s only Certified MiBo Thermoflo center for treating meibomian gland disease, the major underlying cause of dry eye.


(PRNewsfoto/Allergan plc)

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