Surely, you have heard the warning, “Never look directly into the sun.” This is advice to live by.  There are no pain receptors in the back of the eye so damage can occur with no way of knowing until it is too late. Damage to our eyes from the sun is cumulative. Any exposure to the sun can cause damage to our eyes. On August 21, 2017, many people throughout the world will see an unusual event, a total solar eclipse.  It is especially important to have proper eye protection if you plan to witness the solar eclipse.

The Washington Post has done some research on eye protection, “If you’re going to watch a solar eclipse, you need to wear special glasses. There’s not anything different about the sun or its radiation during the eclipse — it’s just that our moms were right when they told us not to stare at the sun because it will hurt your eyes.”  In this recent article, “Vendors may be selling ‘fake’ solar eclipse glasses. Here’s how to make sure yours are real” you can find a list from the American Astronomical Society of brands and vendors they trust.

Nova I PBS offers this advice on how to watch a solar eclipse:

If you plan to experience the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, be sure to protect your eyes!

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