Click here to print and complete our Visual Symptoms Checklist.

If one or more symptoms of visual problems are checked, an eye examination by one of our doctors should be performed soon.

Excessive blinking or squinting
Rubs eyes
Crossed eyes (turned in or out)
Tilts or turns head
Closes or covers one eye
Difficulty copying from chalkboard or desk
Eyes tire easily
Reverses letters or words when writing
Omits and/or repeats letters or words
Confuses similar words and letters
Short attention span while reading
Avoids reading and other close work
Holds head too close to book or paper
Unusual tension or irritability with sustained visual activity (computer work, reading a book, desk work)
Difficulty understanding and/or remembering what has been read
Double vision
Blurred vision
Nausea when reading or doing other close work
Frequent headaches when reading or doing other close work
Confuses right and left directions
Frequent stumbling or tripping
Poor eye-hand coordination, including poor handwriting

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