Patients visit our offices for routine eye care with no medical symptoms.  Often times we diagnose ocular disease which is a result of general health conditions, some of which may be life-threatening.

“I visited Wyomissing Optometric Center for a routine eye exam.  During the exam, Dr. Cobin discovered a blockage in my neck. I would have never known, he saved my life!  They give me and every patient 100% attention. No waiting, no complaints! I really appreciate all the care they give me!”  

Gerald, July 2016

“I have been a patient for about 3 months. I was referred to Wyomissing Optometric Center by the emergency room at Penn State St Joseph.  Dr. Corbin discovered I had cataracts.  We took care of that and now he continues to care for my eyes.  I  am very happy with my new eye doctor!”  

Bruce, July 2016

Your eyes are a window to your overall health.  Learn more here:

10 Things Your Eye Doctor Knows—And Wishes You Did, Too



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