Dr. Heidi L. Sensenig, OD, MS, OTR/L, Director of Neuro-rehabilitation services at Wyomissing Optometric Center spoke on BCTV on May, 17th 2016. She shared information on the visual symptoms of concussions on the Penn State Health Today program.

In a recent study of children and adolescents diagnosed with a concussion, 69% had one or more of these visual diagnoses: accommodative dysfunction, convergence insufficiency & saccadic dysfunction. If post-concussion vision symptoms are affecting school performance or work productivity, we can help!

If you suspect a concussion or have been diagnosed with a concussion schedule an evaluation with Dr. Sensenig. She will perform a comprehensive examination and develop an individualized rehabilitation plan to restore and maximize visual function. Our doctor and therapists will coordinate all of your care with your primary physician and other rehabilitation team members to ensure the best outcomes for you.

Dr. Sensenig on the visual signs of concussions:

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