Wyomissing Optometric Center is a recognized leader in dry eye treatment.  Dr. Glenn Corbin, O.D. has a passion for helping patients dealing with dry eye disease.  We offer MiBo Thermoflo to manage meibomian gland dysfunction, a leading cause of dry eye. Our diagnostic protocol and advanced treatments lead to excellent outcomes and happy patients. Here is one such story:

“I developed a tearing condition that is age related in my eyes about 2 years ago. Suddenly it got so bad about 6 months ago, that I could only read 3 lines in a newspaper and then the tearing would prevent me from reading further. I’d then have to blink and the cycle would start all over again. Oil painting was now out of the question. The tearing affected my vision while driving and was embarrassing in church.

One doctor told me to put hot compresses on my eyes and use lid scrubbers. Another said to use a heating pad with the eyelid scrubbers. Neither gave me any results. I mentioned this to my optometrist who recommended your professional service. During my first visit, the cause of the problem and the treatment was clearly explained to me, unlike with other doctors who are in a rush to get to the next patient.

I began treatments immediately and noted progress each time. Now nearing my last treatment, the condition is almost gone and I am confident that it will be eliminated after the last treatment. To say that this has changed my life would be an understatement. This treatment, unfortunately, is not covered by Medicare or my AARP supplement insurance, but the cost is very reasonable considering the care received. The staff makes you feel comfortable and is very professional.

To sum up, thank God that I found Wyomissing Optometric Center.”


Thank you for sharing your story, Richard!  And thank you for selecting Wyomissing Optometric Center!

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