We are always pleased when we can help someone improve how they see the world! We had an opportunity to add a bit of color to one patient’s world. There is no cure for colorblindness, but Wyomissing Optometric Center offers EnChroma prescription spectacle lenses that can aid in color saturation and can improve distinction between colors. Dr. Amanda Legge. O.D. is our expert in color vision lens technology. She has helped many patients explore EnChroma.  For example, here is what Joshua shared after his Enchroma experience:

“Great experience and above and beyond customer service. My family surprised me with an appointment here to get a prescription for EnChroma lenses as I am color blind. We are from Northern Virginia and they found this place via a google search and upon reading that this office had sample lenses that could be tried before making the purchase is why they picked his location. I really felt like the staff took their time with me to ensure that I selected the best lenses for me.

When I initially tried the lenses indoors there was not much change in my color vision. But the gentlemen assisting me had worked with other clients that had experienced a better ability in their color vision out of doors in better lighting (additionally it sometimes takes time for the brain to adjust to what it is seeing). I did finally have my magic moment outside looking at a sticker on a license plate that was a shade of green I had never seen before, and then I was able to pick out two blue cars and see that they were different shades of blue. It wasn’t the YouTube video reaction but it was a really cool moment. I was able to have that because of the time this employee spent with me and working with me. I ordered a pair of the indoor lenses and am so looking forward to learning new colors and training my brain to see them!”

Thank you, Joshua, for sharing your EnChroma experience with us!  And for choosing to visit Wyomissing Optometric Center all the way from Virginia!



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